To be a leading group of Identity Solutions, at a national and international level, providing our clients with valuable, innovative and world-class services, through human development and implementation and management technologies.


To consolidate Arzeb´s leadership, expanding its penetration in markets where there are needs to develop solutions Identity.


Values are our Business Principles. Our values are what set us apart from other companies and distinguish us from our service-oriented quality work, growth, social responsibility and transparency.

Arzeb, Inc. – A company dedicated to the development of hardware and software solutions for electronic security.

Featured Products

Featured Products ARZEB and its distributors, such as credentials, PKI, TPA, Card printers, RIFD and many other technological advances that can boost your business to the new era of security.

We are a company that offers edge security systems and the widest range of secure personal devices such as electronic passports, payment cards, USB devices and more. Each of these devices is customized in a unique way for a specific identity (people or machines).

We help governments, national printers and integrators to design and implement secure documents and solid solutions for digital identities. Beyond the traditional services of enrollment, personalization and issuance, our infrastructure and innovative e Government applications contribute to acceptance by citizens and promote their use. As a leader in digital identity solutions, we are active in more than 80 government programs worldwide.

The passengers as well as transport operators are demanding simpler payment options that maximize the fluidity of travel. Arzeb has a wide range of solutions and services that simplify and ensure any transaction involving transportation methods: e- ticketing, access control, data storage and authentication.

You are probably already on your way towards optimizing your branches and improving self-service channels, taking control of their revenue streams, reducing risk exposure and protecting you margins to make your bank more profitable. Our solutions help you make your business more effective.


identifies and detect.


With the obtained data, we analyze in search of the solution.


Arzeb Inc. develops, adapts and designs solutions.