We have the best equipment for banking, designed and assembled by us. We seek to provide specific solutions in technology and safety.

ID cards

Arzeb combines a wide range of products to offer solutions for ID cards, passports and drivers licenses.


Provide a wide range of functions for authentication, credential management and validation. They are the perfect addition to our portfolio of integrated software solutions.


Dedicated servers, shared servers, private cloud computing platform to accelerate the electronic commerce and, of course, connectivity systems and more advanced network security market. Through its own infrastructure.

Personal Access Token

Hardware includes everything you need to work with USB format.

Smart Card

Complete platform with flexible and modular authentication.

Products and Services

Arzeb, inc products and professional services for solutions

We help governments, national printers and integrators to design and implement secure documents and solid solutions for digital identities. Beyond the traditional services of enrollment, personalization and issuance, our infrastructure and innovative eGovernment applications contribute to acceptance by citizens and promote their use. As a leader in digital identity solutions, we are active in more than 80 government programs worldwide

The passengers and transport operators alike are demanding simpler payment options that maximize the fluidity of travel. Arzeb has a wide range of solutions and services that simplify and ensure any transaction involving the transport: e- ticketing, access control, data storage and authentication.

You are probably already on your way towards optimizing your branches and improving self-service channels, taking control of your revenue streams, reducing risk exposure and protecting your margins to make your most profitable bank. Our solutions help you make your business more effective.


Our customers rely on our extensive experience in providing solutions for registration, issuance and verification, or even services operated for immediate use their passports, IDs, Licenses Management or its initiatives Health Card

We will seek the solution and we will implement it for you!

Arzeb CEO

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