Printers/encoders of FARGO ID cards for government agencies

Governments around the world rely on FARGO ID cards printer/encoders for secure issuance of identity cards of citizens, including driving licenses and national identity cards, as well as employees and contractors plates. Configure FARGO printer / encoders to meet the needs of any organization, whether it’d be national, state, municipal enterprises, or provincial. Some of your options are printing one or both sides, lamination to one or both sides with high security visual security elements and encoding for contact or contactless smart cards and proximity cards and magnetic stripe.

E-Government Solutions
  • HDP8500 Industrial series Customization system

    Seamless integration of printing, encryption, laser engraving and laminating enables companies which produce cards, to produce in efficient ways secured credentials with several layers in a single pass. The components are protected in a solid metal housing. Meets the highest standards and performs reliably and continuously even in the most adverse conditions.

  • HDP5000 Cards Printer / Encoder

    Our most versatile and easy printer / encoder to use affordably produce durable cards with high definition images. Certified to the standards of the 12-National Security Presidential Directive (HSPD-12) for secure and reliable credentials. It is compatible with optional materials of Visual Security Solutions to discourage fraud and counterfeiting.

  • DTC4500 Cards Printer / Encoder

    A direct printing on the card with great quality, full-color, strong encryption and laminating, all in a single pass. The highest quality with a unique combination of performance features. Certified for HSPD-12 standard for secure and reliable forms of identification. Optional materials of visual security solutions help to curb fraud and counterfeiting.