pivCLASS® Government Solutions

The portfolio of HID Global Government Solutions pivCLASS® is a broad family of products that makes it easier for contractors of the Federal Government of the United States, government contractors and other facilities to meet the requirements of safety standards and implement its card of Personal Identity Verification (PIV) and other smart cards for physical access control, resulting in compliance, interoperability and high security.

The solutions of the pivCLASS® smart card allow government agencies to do the verification of personal identity (activate their existing physical access control systems (PACS) without having to "rip and replace" existing infrastructure). The pivCLASS® modular approach (fully tested, validated and approved by the government) maintains investments, reduce costs and eliminates the complexity, making it easy and affordable to purchase, install and maintain systems for physical access control compliant with FIPS 201.

Providing pre-configured government solutions fully tested and validated from a single trusted source, pivCLASS® authenticates the PIV cards across the range of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) (required safety levels).

E-Government Solutions
  • Validation Server

    The pivCLASS® validation server is a software solution that communicates regularly with external trusted authorities, import updated validation information and sends that information to pivCLASS® authentication modules (PAM) for execution. The pivCLASS® validation server also configures PAM and manages its firmware updates. An API allows third-party integration.

  • Registry Motor and Manager

    The solution for validation of pivCLASS® registration motor members and pivCLASS® certificate manager has registration and automated certificate management for conformity reasons with the 12 National Security Presidential Directive (HSPD-12).

  • Readers

    The pivCLASS® readers support virtually any type of card (PIV, PIV-I, CIV, CAC, TWIC, iCLASS, HID Prox and more), running any mandatory authentication mode (CHUID, CAK, PIV + PIN, BIO) and meet any security level.

  • Authentication Module

    PivCLASS® authentication modules (PAMs) are embedded computers packed into a small form factor with pre-loaded upgradeable firmware which is installed between the readers and the existing PACS panel.