HID Global provides the entire solution for secure ID credentials in a variety of form factors controlling physical and digital access as well as combined solutions for access to a building and a computer, payment for transit, cashless sales, biometrics and other applications.

The current organizations recognize that RFID provides solutions to problems that no other technology can solve. This leads to an increasing demand for contactless products for a wide range of applications. HID Global, with an experience of over two decades in the development and manufacturing of RFID, provides the line of tags and transponders more varied and flexible of the sector. Products are manufactured in facilities with ISO 9001-2008 certification by proprietary processes. HID engineers remain pioneers in the design of RFID tags and continue to innovate with new products to expand the range of HID.

Even better, thanks to its global network of integration partners, HID helps end users to optimize the accuracy of its data, to comply with regulations and optimize critical systems. With standard RFID labeling products or customized to suit the requirements of a broad spectrum of industries and applications, the complete solution begins with experience and labels HID Global.

Industry and Logistics

From asset tracking to waste management, transponders contactless of HID overall quality play a crucial role in the wireless identification, recording and presentation of fast and accurate data. Gifted RFID systems optimize industrial processes, raise the level of accuracy and increase productivity. HID offers a wide variety of standard RFID labels LF, HF and UHF.

Animal Identification

The RFID transponders contactless from HID Global help manage and protect livestock, pets, laboratory animals and products in the food chain. The fully automated production processes of HID ensure consistent quality and reliability labeling. The patented technology makes possible direct adhesion more compact designs, optimized labels and scope reading, providing exceptional size-performance relationship.

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