Experience in developing reader technologies puts HID Global in a unique position to play a key role in the evolution and adoption of smart card technology. With the broadest line of versatile and powerful readers in the market, HID Global solutions readers activate a wide range of applications that work through a secure contactless technology.

Designed to improve safety, comfort and aesthetics of facilities, HID Global technology readers is the ideal global technology for accuracy, compatibility, technological innovation and adaptation. Contact and contactless secured HID readers, as well as proximity readers and cores are used in an unlimited variety of applications: access control to facilities, mobile payment devices, computers network data security, medical records management, employees’ schedules control, customs control and many others.

HID Global solutions readers, with cards compatibility, tokens, insertions and HID prelaminates warranty, will adapt to every need of readers and secure technology devices.

iCLASS SE®: New generation plataform for access control with wider security and performance pivCLASS®: Contact or contactless Biometric Readers that meet NIST SP 800-116 requirements for the American government

iCLASS: Physical access Control with broader security, easy to use, convenient and affordable SmartID: Contactless Smart Cards reader, which is a product line that offers an open architecture, flexible and secure

OMNIKEY: OMNIKEY products support any smart card for any application on any computer

HID Proximity: Economic, robust, and integrates seamlessly with a range of access control systems Indala® Proximity: All Indala readers offer FlexSecur technology that provides an extra level of security through a verification process at the reader

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