HID Global provides the entire solution for secure ID credentials in a variety of form factors controlling physical and digital access as well as combined solutions for access to a building and a computer, payment for transit, cashless sales, biometrics and other applications.

The network access solutions HID Global provided to our partners an open architecture platform assisted by IP addresses to deploy a wide range of access control systems. The network access solutions for HID Global, versatile and easy to use, bring intelligence to the door and allow report generation via standard web browsers. Designed to meet the changing requirements of organizations and future system expansions, innovative solutions HID protect the total value of customer investments.

EDGE EVO® and VERTX EVO ™ is a scalable platform that provides organizations with control systems with more complete access, which provides superior performance, options for future upgrades and enhanced security features. VERTX EVO operates within the Trusted Identity Platform® (TIP ™) the HID makes possible the production of connections with complete confidence of host controller and the reader, substantially increasing security options for future systems access control.

EDGE is designed for single door applications with a wide range of unique benefits and is available with iCLASS or with a broad range of integrated readers. The VERTX controllers enable software vendors to integrate managed security services to totally control access within your host software.

EDGE EVO® : module interface to an access control of a single-door

VERTX EVO® : mounting access control panels that reduce the burden on the corporate LAN

VertX®: Based in Access Control with IP remote management and reporting

EDGE: Provides intelligent communication door and superior performance

Arzeb Inc. develops, adapts and designs solutions

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