Arzeb, Inc. – A company dedicated to developing E-GOVERNMENT solutions


Offering a wide variety of solutions for the control of physical and logical access, Arzeb, along with his partner HID Global, is the trusted partner of government agencies and their system integrators spread across the world. Our unique combination, comprising the latest technology, participation in the development of quality products, proven and experience, puts Arzeb ideally placed to create solutions for projects of all sizes, allowing to protect citizens, government employees, military personnel and the critical nations infrastructure.

ARZEB and HID Global’s technical and programming skills can offer governments a full range of products and solutions (from a particular component to a complete system) on projects related to the issuance of identity cards, their production, processing and customization.

  • National identity cards.
  • Drivers licenses and cards systems management.
  • Foreign residents cards.
  • Citizen identity card.
  • Army and National Police Cards.
  • Permanent residence cards.
  • Supplies and printing capabilities world-class.
  • Components, inlays and prelaminates of electronic documents.
  • A wide range of governmental readers.
  • LaserCard® - Counterfeiting proof worldwide safer solution.
  • FARGO® - Secure High Performance Printers for projects of all sizes and scales.
  • Credentials ActivIdentity Management System .


: Arzeb offers governments a full range of products and solutions for control, maintenance and administrationn.

ID cards

Arzeb combines a wide range of products to offer solutions for ID cards, passports, drivers licenses.

Token Personal Access

Hardware which includes everything you need to work with USB format, for both the certificates container as memory and own SDK environment

Smart Card

Authentication Knowledge Devices, Complete Authentication Platform (flexible and modular), Electronic Identity Documents.




Search of Solutions.


Arzeb Inc. develops, adapts and designs solutions.

  • PIV & FIPS 201 Solutions

    pivCLASS Government solutions allow federal facilities use their PIV smart card with your existing physical access systems to achieve FIPS 201 / SP800-116 conformity. The pivCLASS modular system allows agencies to upgrade, rather than replace, existing drivers, and enabling compliance.

  • Citizen Identification

    Selecting the solution of government identification is a complex task, which becomes more complicated by the need of customizing solutions for different requirements and risk profiles. HID Global offers a wide range of services, solutions and market expertise of government IDs.

  • Printers/Encoders

    Governments around the world trust the security of FARGO® cards printer/ encoders, for both drivers licenses and identification cards to cards for employees and contractors.

  • ID’s Handling

    Access without risk. HID Global security identity provides a safe and convenient access to services supporting the Government to fulfill security commands.