Identity cards Solutions for citizens

Selecting the appropriate government identification solution is a complex task, much more difficult due to the need to customize solutions for a wide variety of different requirements and risk profiles. HID Global offers a breadth and depth of services, solutions and unparalleled expertise in all aspects of government ID market.

HID Global Technical and programs knowledge allows us to offer governments a single component or an entire system - from permits and registrations until issuance, authentication and card management.

The breadth of knowledge, products and technologies themselves, with over 40 years’ experience as a strategic advisor to governments around the world, HID Global works with you to build, deliver and manage custom identity solutions, among which are included:

  • World-class materials and printing capabilitiesl.
  • Components, pre laminated and inlaid of electronic documents.
  • LaserCard® - The counterfeiting-free worldwide safest solution.
  • FARGO® - Secure High Performance Printers for projects of all sizes and scales.
  • ActivIdentity Credentials Management System.
  • Support from conception to implementation.
  • National identity card of Angola.
  • Driving’s license and cards management system of Australia.
  • Foreign residents Card of Costa Rica.
  • Vehicle registration cards of India.
  • Italian citizen identity card, card of the national police.
  • National identity card of Saudi Arabia.
E-Government Solutions